Monday, September 29, 2014

OC Challenge 1 - retest

My challenge at the box has 3 workouts associated with it. 

Today was the retest of the first one. 

Calorie Row / Burpees

In the first of the month I was still one arm rowing and did burpees at a 5 to 3 ratio. So my burpees were 15-12-9-6

As we are testing we were supposed to stay the same. So today I rowed with 1 arm again  and did the burpees. 

I knew the time would be made up on the burpees as I was still not ready to go all out with the arm / etc last time. I pushed really hard this time

Last time I got with 17:01
This time 13:48

I'm damn happy with the improvement 

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Ouch - 9.24.14

Tonight's WOD beat me up more than I expected it to. 

50 wall balls / 200 singles
40 / 160

Used the 10lb ball. Still feels a little funny throwing the 14. Gonna be a bit before I can get the 20 going. 

And i suck at jump rope. It hurts my feet and my calves. I guess i just need to do it more. 

Monday, September 22, 2014

1500/150 Benchmark WOD

Did one of my own benchmark WODs yesterday. First time I've tried it being able to use 2 hands. 

500m row / 50 squats


I shaved a minute off my one handed time but all things considered I was still a little slow. The squats just hurt me. We had wall balls on Saturday and I was way more sore than I thought I would be. 

Stuck around for the yoga / mobility class to get some extra stretching in. 

Last night we went to Tara's parents house for a birthday dinner and I took my own prepackaged meal and had some green beans. It sucked not eating all the delicious home cooked food. Under normal circumstances Id make an exception to the diet I'm on but I couldn't during this challenge. It's not worth 100 burpees for both my partner and myself. 

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Fight Gone Bad


Fight Gone Bad
Another benchmark workout meant to replicate a fight setting. 5 min on / 1 min off

1 minute each station before transitioning. Rest 1 min

There are a 3 round and 5 round variety. We did 3 rounds today. 

Wall Balls
Sumo deadlift high pull (75#)
Box jumps (20")
Push press (75#)
Row for Calories

I did a 10lb wall ball. 14 felt a little rough still catching it with the wrist. 
Did the 75# sumo - not the best decision
Box jumps - pleased that I did all jumps 
Push press - 22lb bar and it didn't feel great but no sharp pains
Row - now problems

202 total reps
If I'd scaled the sumo I would have gotten more reps but during the workout I noticed I was right hand dominate and only did 5-10 of those each round. 

Before class I did some work with bench press that was just the bar. It's heavy and uncomfortable because of the mobility issues in my left wrist. It was a good stretch and I think my recovery will really be helped with what I'm doing in the box. 

Didn't let my head get in the way today and feel good about things again. 


Yesterday destroyed me. 
Mentally and physically. 

Had a clean and jerk EMOM and I was just planning on using the bar. Felt like I should be able to do that and work on the mobility required for that. 

Well the 45# bar just wasn't happening. I got a 22# bar and could get around on the clean. I did 3 EMOM for 9 min and honestly it got easier towards the end and the wrist felt good, but a little sore. 

It was just frustrating because I knew id be 100+ pounds under where I was but after I couldn't do the 45 bar I was just irritated. 

Then the workout was 
Kettlebell Swings

Did a light kettlebell (12kg) as it was my first time doing a KBS with 2 hands. I still have to use 1 arm to get up off the floor with the burpees. Hoping to slowly get back to getting 2 hands to get up. After about 20 burpees my arm / shoulder starts to feel the burn. 

I was slow. Bottom line. 

I know that I need to focus on what I have been doing and stay positive. I think I've done that for the most part but now that I have no restrictions, as I get back into the movements it's going to be tough. 

I'm gonna let those frustrations go and focus on each movement as starting over and build up. There's no way I can keep thinking "what I used to do" right now. 

It's a new day and we have fight gone bad for 3 rounds. Gotta get ready to have fun and kick ass. 

Wednesday, September 17, 2014


Good report at the doctor and while I have a good ways to go to have normal mobility they have removed any restrictions in PT and life. With the instruction that I don't do anything stupid and if I have sharp pains stop. 

Obviously I can't clean or snatch because the wrist doesn't move well enough but back squats, dead lifts , rowing etc I'm allowed to use both hands. 

Tonight we had 3x3 back squats. 

The 10-8-6-4-2 climbing Deadlifts. No dropping in the srts, they were touch and go. The weights for the deads are embarrassing because it's like starting over. Started at 95 and climbed to 165. But it was nice to get my hands on a barbell again and get started back in the right direction. 

After class the next level was 3 x 750 m row with 1:30 rest. I swear I can row as fast or faster with one arm. Gonna take some getting used too. 

12 week doctor follow up

News from the doctor is Released without restrictions! With the instructions that 1.pain is to be my guide ( sore = okay / sharp shooting pain = stop ) and 2. Don't be stupid. 

Nice to get a barbell in my hands tonight. It's like starting over with the amount of weight to use.